Sunday, December 5, 2010

Want to Volunteer?!

Have you always wanted to find out ways how you can help benefit your community and the literacy skills of your community?  Do you feel that if more people were taught the fundamentals of literacy, that our nation would be a more successful place?  There is a place that I discovered that allows young adults and adults to volunteer locally around in their neighborhood.

Over the summer, I volunteered at my local library as a reading tutor.  I found that this experience was beyond rewarding and really benefited my community in a positive way.  The number of children that i have tutored and the number of success stories was a reward in so many ways.  Looking towards the future, I know that if programs like this are continued, it will only serve to improve the knowledge rate and success rate of our nation.

No matter if you live in California, Ohio or Florida, all across the nation volunteers are coming together in efforts to benefit the literary success rate.

For more information on how YOU can volunteer in your community, please visit the following website:

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