Sunday, December 5, 2010


My interest of Literacy is fully dedicated to developing strong leaders through the path of literacy.  Through reading, adolescents are presented the opportunity to truly discover themselves, and also to empower themselves. When adolescents discover their love for reading at an early age, limitless opportunities are made possible, and the possibilities are endless.  I am fully determined to promote awareness of the many positive futures that can be made possible through reading.
The promotion of the awareness of literacy is a cause that is extremely close to both my family and I.  I have already had the opportunity to positively promote my platform in an effective way.  I have had the advantage of volunteering as a reading tutor at my church, as well as my community libraries.  Having the opportunity to see the success on these children’s faces makes my platform more than worthwhile.  I have also had the privilege of holding several benefit fundraising dinners at some my local restaurants.  I was very pleased with the outcomes, and all proceeds were donated to The Ohio Literacy Network.
Every person should have the opportunity to discover themselves and to strive for a positive future, and the root of this success stems from literacy.  Anything can be made possible through the success of literacy, and if more awareness is made possible, it will only continue to benefit our society.  The encouragement towards literacy will never stop because the success of literacy is a cause that will forever be essential to the achievements of our nation.   It gives me great joy in knowing of all of the positive futures that can be made possible when our society lends a hand towards literacy. 
Through these postings... I have presented multiple literary help sites, and my hope is that many people will find positive use out of them!

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