Sunday, December 5, 2010

Exploring the topic...

I became interested in finding out real world information on the extremity of this topic.  I decided to investigate the site "Yahoo Answers" 

This is a site where individuals anonymously or openly post questions in which they have on a certain topic. 

The topic that i searched was "Literacy"  in the open search bar on "search yahoo questions"

Of the first search I executed with simply the word LITERACY I found some of the following proposed questions within the last year:

How can I become a literacy tutor?

How can I become more informed on literacy programs in my area?

Is it important to be well educated in reading skills -literacy

How can I better improve my English skills?

How can I get affordable help on my literacy skills?

From the looks of these questions, i would assume that the need for more information on literacy skills is essential, and more people do want to find out way in which they can be helped.

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